2015 Wow our ninth season!

 Wisconsin Winter! On its way out!
The gardens are dormant, but the pencils and eraser are wearing down with summer plans.
Our seeds are ordered and now time to perp for spring greenhouse starts, A very exciting time!
Sign-ups are already coming in and we are looking forward to what the summer season has to offer.
To see what we have in store Click HERE! 
Here is a veggie slideshow of summer 2013. We have added a couple greenhouses since then and will have more out of season diversity, and popular voted veggies!

We are now a part of the Partner Shares program, through FairShare CSA Coalition. This can help share the cost of joining our farm(you may qualify!) up to 50% for those who qualify, it's easy to find out. (Application deadline April 1st) Check it out (click here)!!

Stay warm!