A Sustainable Community Farm

 Whitefeather Organics has a holistic approach to farming.
  Our mission is to be environmentally sensitive, local, healthy, and sustainable option for the community, offering a diverse connection to the food experience.

Cider pressing at a Harvest Party
      We bought land for Whitefeather Organics in fall of 2006. The Whitefeather family have been passionately building the farm from bare fields.  We raise a diverse range of vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, poultry, and pigs.We incorporate new crops and explore new ideas every year. 
   Sustainability for community is the goal and we keep that in mind in every aspect of our farm, from where we get our energy to how we build our buildings. We love to have events to bring in the farm's benefactors to increase the food-farm connection.
   Why organic is important to us: Supporting organic agriculture is more than having healthy food. It is reducing the use of harsh chemicals for control of nutrients, diseases, weeds, and pests. The use of chemicals results in contamination of wells, ground water, lakes, wildlife, farms, and farm workers. These inputs are used to increase output with less labor, this is always a bottom line in agriculture.  In organic agriculture challenges are met with a complex understanding of nature and input of more hand labor. We feel sustainability in health, environment, and economics is a good place for agriculture. Creating more jobs with these conditions allows organics to support a healthy local food economy that can represent our connection with humanity and the earth.