Where has the summer gone?

The summer season has found us so busy we haven't had the time to keep up the site which will probably become a theme. The beautiful part of farming here is you never no what to
expect. The weather as us farmers always complain, has been very odd. We have been finding enough to fill the shares and building up a lot of new additions to the farm. Turkey tractors,new gardens,barn, and much more, I hope to have pictures updated of the summers progress soon.

Just 3 more weeks until the summer share is over 22 weeks seems to go faster every year.
We have several storage shares available yet.

They consist of storagable produce delivered in early-mid Nov. including some or all of; onions, garlic, beets, carrots, squash, rutabaga, redmeat radish, brussel sprouts, leeks, potatoes, dry beans, cabbage, celeriac, parsnips, dry corn, popping corn and informative storage tips. Equally about, 100lbs. For payment option please click on Become a Member.