2017 CSA, New Prices and Season Offerings!

To Sign-up: (Fall Shares still available!)
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  Partner Share is a cost-sharing program that provides financial assistance to limited-income households for purchasing CSA vegetable shares. To see if you are eligible, click HERE
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-After payment is received, Email confirmations and receipts are sent.

Summer Share August 5th

Produce CSA Share Info:
  • CSA? Community Supported Agriculture. CSA is a food share agreement that connects you to your food and the farmers that raise it. Giving money directly to local farms helps build the local economy and small farm viability. This model gives you access to the freshest food possible!
  • Summer Produce Shares are received (weekly or every-other-week) in a reusable produce box (roughly the size of a paper grocery bag) lighter packed in the early season and heavier as the summer proceeds... and at times overflowing!  
  • As a shareholder everyone will receive, along with your produce, a weekly newsletter “The Growing News” with recipe and cooking tips, U-picks, free mushroom workshop, farm tours, and one FREE pizza voucher at our Pizza Nights.
  • The shares are delivered to seven central locations: Stevens Point, PloverWaupacaWisconsin RapidsWausau, Sentry Headquarters (employees only), and the Whitefeather Farm.
  • The CDC recommends that we eat 3-5 cups of vegetables/fruits each day. With this in mind, a Half Summer share is a good portion for 1-2people and a Full Summer share is a good portion for 3-4+ people, this varies depending on how afton one cooks at home. 

Spring Share:  April to end of May (8weeks) this share focuses on spring greens, microgreens and dormant greens that have awaken from a long slumber, also season depending asparagus and mushrooms. Our most popular share, selling out in 1-2 weeks (limited space). $175.00 Sold out!

Summer Share deliveries begin early June

-Full Summer Share
This includes 18 weeks of produce including mushrooms, fruits, and veggies. Shares start early-mid June lasting until mid October. This is seasonally grown food.
Early season will have more frost tolerant crops: lettuce, turnips, radish, scallion, spinach, ... and as the season goes on the share explodes with bounty: eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, shiitake, potatoes, onions, squash, and much more. $520.00 Sold out!

-Half Summer Share 
This is the same as the "Full Summer Share", but is delivered every-other-week (9wks). Keep in mind you may not receive a few crops as they are delivered only once during the season. $285.00 Sold out!

Fall Share deliveries begin late Oct.

-Full Fall Share 
One of our best bangs for the buck! Receive 4, every-other-week deliveries of an "extra large" produce box per delivery (equal to 2 paper grocery bags FULL), late Oct. thru early Dec. Storage items include: lettuce, spinach, squash, potatoes, onions, leeks, garlic, celeriac, carrot, beet, radish, and much more. $238.00

- Half Fall Share
Receive the same produce variety as the Full Fall Share but in smaller portions (1 paper grocery bag full). 4 deliveries, every-other-week late Oct. thru early Dec. $127.00 

The Little Farmer share: Combo: Full Summer share & Full Fall share. From June to December recieve produce! Get this share and receive a discount and eat like a farmer. $732.00Sold out!

Basic Share:(This is included with every produce share!)
For one year you receive "The Growing News" weekly e-letter, free mushroom workshop, u-picks, one FREE pizza voucher at our pizza nights. (no produce boxes included) $40.00

Egg CSA Share: 

Our egg layers are fed organic feed and are as free range as possible, being allowed to graze our open pastures daily. Egg dozens will be delivered on Thursdays with the Summer/fall Produce Shares to the drop sites.

- Full Egg Share: Receive one dozen eggs weekly. (18wks total) This correlates with the produce share deliveries. $76.50Sold out!

- Half Egg Share: Receive one dozen eggs every-other-week. (9wks total) This correlates with the produce share deliveries.  $38.25Sold out!

Egg share deliveries coincide with the Summer Produce deliveries.

Coffee CSA Share: 
Liberation Coffee Sourced directly, Roasted locally. 

Liberation Coffee is sourced directly from small-scale farmers in Kenya and Mexico. Owners (John Sheffy & Holly Petrillo) help pick and process the coffee on annual harvest trips with volunteers. The coffee farmers set the price payed to make a living wage.

- Full Coffee Share: One Pint, delivered weekly for 18 weeks. Please indicate Medium, Dark or Blended Roast. $90.00

- Half Coffee Share: One Pint, delivered every-other-week for 9 weeks.  Please indicate Medium, Dark or Blended Roast. $45.00

Coffee share deliveries coincide with the Summer Produce deliveries.

Cheese CSA Share:
Tea-Rose Toggenburgs Cheese
The Cheese Share includes one container of cheese per delivery throughout the Summer Share time. 50% of the Cheeses are made from our local cheese maker Rose, the other 50% are hand selected specialty cheeses. All proceeds go to supporting Rose's 'goat girls' at Tea Rose Toggenburgs in Custer. 

-Full Cheese ShareA portion of cheese delivered every week for 18 weeks. $110.00Sold out!

-Half Cheese Share: A portion of cheese delivered every-other-week for 9 weeks. $55.00Sold out!

Cheeses to expect: (all 18 cheeses for Full Share, a selection of 9 for Half Share)
1. Tea Rose Moo-sa-bee
2. Marieka Gouda flavor
3. Belivitano Espresso w/pasta recipe
4. Fresh Mozzarella Pearls
5. Carr Valley MoBay
6. Whipped Chèvre
7. Scray's Gouda
8. Hickory Nut Muenster
9. Fresh Mozzarella log
10. Marissa Goat Wedge
11. Fresh Cottage Cheese
12. Sartori Asiago
13. Union Star combo
14. Tea Rose Burrata
15. LaClare Chandoka
16. Tea Rose Moo-sa-bee
17. Marieka Gouda flavor
18. Fresh Ricotta w/recipes

  Cheese share deliveries coincide with the Produce deliveries.

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