Spring Update

  It's hard to find time to sit down and write something this time of year, especially when the days have been so nice!  I'm happy to be planting in the greenhouse, tending to the fields, and working on equipment.  The nice weather must have others thinking of spring also. We have record sign ups for this time of year (over half full!), this puts us about a month ahead of the norm.
  Some of the mushrooms have fruited, the aspragus is peaking out, bulbing flowers are up, and the eggs have been rolling in.  Soon we will be getting the Flower CSA going, and hosting our MUSHROOM WORKSHOP. This is free to members. We will tour our farm mushroom operation and work on inoculating logs. This APRIL 28th starting @ 10:00 am we will provide libations and mushroom pie. It's a potluck if you stay long enough, logs will be available for those hardy workers.